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Just What I Need–A New Technique!

So I’m sitting in PAQA the other day, and the talk turns to Caran D’Arche Neocolor II sticks. These are wax based and contain water-soluble pigments. I have a small set, have played around with them some, never gotten excited … Continue reading

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Finally, A Solution Comes

All too frequently, I run into a roadblock on a piece. I know it’s missing something, but I can’t quite figure it out. Sometimes I have gone too far and the piece is hopeless. After a few months hanging on … Continue reading

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I’m Back

So. You don’t really want to read all the details of the gap between posts, right? Short version: I was kind of burned out on art. I’m climbing back out of that pit. For some reason, I’m dis-enchanted with making … Continue reading

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Abstract or Abstracted

I’ve never been to art school. Taken a few classes here and there, read a lot of books. So my view of abstract art may be, is probably, totally my own and should be taken with many grains of salt. … Continue reading

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You may not see Rothko in this….

A few years ago I had a friend who would go on and on about the paintings of Mark Rothko. She even wanted to make curtains like some of the paintings. I looked him up, admired the paintings, and (in … Continue reading

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Monoprinting Made Easier

I’ve played around with monoprinting off and on over the years. (BTW monoprinting is a process where the artist makes a design on a plate using paints or inks or dyes, and then transfers that design to another surface–paper or … Continue reading

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Year Long Journals

This time of year lots of artists are talking about starting year long journal projects, with strong senses of purpose and good intentions. More power to them. Really. But I won’t be doing it. Part of it is the ‘been … Continue reading

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Being Janus

January is named for the god Janus, a two-headed sort of guy, with one head looking backwards and one forwards. So I guess it is as good a time as any to look back on where I’ve gone in the … Continue reading

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To Bind or Not to Bind

Double thickness binding and I are not friends. When I was making quilts, adding it to cover up the raw edges was my least favorite part of the process. My corners never did get up to snuff (according to the … Continue reading

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If You’ve Got Them, Use Them

Recently I was discussing one of my pieces with a couple of other fiber artists. They asked about my use of decorative stitches on the piece: Specifically, on some of the raw edges where I used a wide, decorative stitch … Continue reading

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