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The holidays are just around the corner. As usual, I haven’t done much preparation (other than buying candy bars to hand out tonight…oh, Christmas? Not so much). Ever since I started thinking of myself as an artist, I have made a few Christmas cards by hand, sent to a select few that I thought would appreciate them.

I still think they do, even if I’ve never heard from any of the few….

© 2011 BJ Parady

This is from the year I was learning about printmaking. The black dot at the top is a pin hole from where it’s been hanging on my bulletin board ever since.

Last year I skipped for some reason. I think it was because after several false starts, I just gave up…but this year I’m trying again. I’ve started with some sea horse stamps I carved

© 2011 BJ Parady

inspired by a trip to the Shedd Aquarium, where my favorite thing to watch are these

© 2010 BJ Parady

In the spirit of the season, and in spite of the fact that sea horses aren’t the least bit Christmasy, I printed them on some fine linen handkerchiefs in reds and oranges:

© 2011 BJ Parady

The linen is quite translucent, so they need to be backed by something. What to do.

© 2011 BJ Parady

Paint the white out? Layer upon layer? The former loses impact; the latter got a little big.

© 2011 BJ Parady

A good number of the people I send to are readers of real books; maybe a bookmark is in order. So I backed this with cardstock (which you can sew through with ease on your sewing machine…although doing this might explain why my needle was shredding thread today…)

So now comes the dithering part. I have a few days to waver in my thoughts. Out of 32 prints, maybe a dozen more are good–printing detailed stamps with fabric paints takes a delicate hand.

And then will come the decision time? Who makes the cut this year? Will any of them be good enough to send?


About BJ Parady

I make art about the microcosm I live in. At the moment, that's a suburb of Chicago on the Fox River were the prairies used to bloom. The art is inspired by the view out my car window or down my street as I walk. Right now most of my art is in an abstract expressionist style.
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