Tunnel End, Light at…

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been in kind of a slump, creativity-wise. But I think the end is behind me now. I’m starting to make new work, I have a bunch of ideas waiting to be tried.

How did I find my way through the tunnel? By following several paths:

1. Switching medium

© 2011 BJ Parady

The free form crochet part interested me a few days, and it’s something I’ll go back to. But it didn’t catch the spark.

2. Recharging time

© 2011 BJ Parady

I admit it. I spent a lot of time surfing the web, reading about non-fiber art things, playing computer games. It wasn’t entirely a waste of time, as not dwelling on the whole blocked problem let me slowly work out from under the ennui.

3. Looking at other art

© 2011 BJ Parady

This helped, too. Looking at problem solving in other media sparks ideas in my art.

4. Yet another medium

© 2011 BJ Parady

Oil pastels are truly intriguing to me. The look of oil paints without the stink, a hands-on medium reminiscent of finger painting. And I can get decent pieces with it in a short time.

Which one worked? The true answer is all of them. Sometimes we just need down time. Sometimes we need to shake the foundations of our art making. Thinking and planning and doing are all steps in the journey of art–and the thinking can be the most important part of all.



About BJ Parady

I make art about the microcosm I live in. At the moment, that's a suburb of Chicago on the Fox River were the prairies used to bloom. The art is inspired by the view out my car window or down my street as I walk. Right now most of my art is in an abstract expressionist style.
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