contrast and progress

This is a close up of the shibori’d piece after quilting (I have taken to thinking of quilting as a middle step rather than an ending one). It’s kind of a sun/osage orange image. But it didn’t quite stand out like I wanted it to. So out came the discharge paste.

Here’s the initial result:

Better, but not quite there. I’ve toned the circle a little with some dye sticks. That picture will come later when the piece is done.

Meantime, I’m taking an abstract art class, learning lots of techniques. One of our projects is to make a piece using the process of an artist. I chose Helen Frankenthaler, because I was intrigued by the fact that she poured paint on unprimed canvas–not that different a process than putting dye on regular fabric. Here is the beginning of my piece:

I also used one of her ideas of starting with the composition of a classical painting–mine is by Van Gogh. The puddling and process of having to move the piece while wet is causing it to stray some from that original notion, but I like where it’s going so far. I could see doing this with fabric to make whole cloth pieces. But I can also see that it is something that I should only do outside–it is very messy. But fun. And that’s part of the point of doing it,right?

That is all.

About BJ Parady

I make art about the microcosm I live in. At the moment, that's a suburb of Chicago on the Fox River were the prairies used to bloom. The art is inspired by the view out my car window or down my street as I walk. Right now most of my art is in an abstract expressionist style.
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